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the star_photo shooting_ukwon

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everytime i close my eyes,
                                           it's like a dark paradise


Beacon Music Videos (inspired by x)


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jongin in pain after one of their overdose recordings

someone please tell me why are they still promoting… what they need is a nice long break to talk and figure things out between themselves

What they also need is recognition that it is not okay to continue working rigorously like this. It’s ruining their physical and mental health. Heck, Kris has an awfully increased risk of dying, for fuck’s sakes. 

It’s simple justice that a worker wields law to demand their rightful compensation after sustaining crippling health issues from having overwhelming work demanded from them.

Kai should be getting dedicated medical attention. Kris should be staying in hospital immediately and getting the treatment he should have received many months ago.

The moment a member gets badly ill, EXO should cease promotions.

Sure, SM might earn less money at such a time, but surely they would earn more profit in the long run - because in this way, EXO would last longer.

For many years.

As a happy group.

As one.

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Fernanda Ly

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